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I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click here to request it. Your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Products in my order have different availability, will they will be sent to me at different times?

No, the order will be sent after completing the whole order. If items with a shorter waiting time are required sooner you must submit a separate order.

Are all the products displayed in the list in stock?

Not always, some products may have a short wait while we update our available stock. If an item is unavailable at the time of looking you can either continue to place the order and the item will be shipped as soon as it is back in stock or we can notify you when it back in stock.

Does the price shown for each product include delivery?

No, the price shown next to the item is exclusive of delivery. The delivery fee is added to your order at the checkout. You can see our current delivery charges here.

I did not find a promotion code on the site, where can I find it?

Promotional codes may sometimes be given as part of specific promotional campaign.

Do you send orders outside of the UK?

We do not generally ship outside of the UK. However, contact us if you have any special requirements.

Can the goods in one order be sent out to two different addresses?

No. If you would like your goods to be shipped to two different locations, you will need to submit two orders

I made more than one order can you send them in one package?

Yes, in this case, please contact our customer support by phone or email. Please indicate the number of orders and the appropriate reference number for each to be combined. Combining orders will be confirmed via email.

Why, after placing the order, have I received notification that item is no longer available?

Sometimes the size or colour of an item on our system is no longer manufactured or available. We make every effort to ensure that our system is fully up-to-date.

In the case of a courier delivery is it possible to provide an alternative address?

Unfortunately not, we cannot change the address after the package has been shipped. In order to determine the hours of service, and any change of address, please contact the shipping agent.

I have received information about shipping a package a few days ago, but the shipment has not arrived yet.

Sometimes the consignment is delivered when the recipient is not home and it is not possible to leave advice or advice is lost. In the absence of a delivery please contact us. Disappearance of a consignment is extremely rare.

Is it possible to obtain a VAT invoice?

Yes, we can provide a VAT invoice if required. Please write in the order comment box: VAT invoice required

Is it possible to obtain an order receipt?

Order confirmation will be sent from Spokes.

Can I collect my purchase?

Yes, of course this is possible. Please add your request to the order comment box when you place your order. We will contact you to arrange the date and time of receipt.

Part of my order is missing / I have received an incorrect item

Although we strive to get it right every time, we're only human and things can go wrong occasionally.

Please accept our apologies and contact us in writing no longer than 7 working days from the day after you receive your goods. Remember to include the order reference and details of the item(s), along with your preference of whether you would like a refund or a replacement.